5 REASONS that Ezra Bridger and Aladdin are similar!

From the day Star Wars Rebels was released, the younglings have kept thinking about how similar Aladdin and Ezra Bridger are! Here are five things that they both have in common:

1.They are pickpockets

Ezra Bridger and Aladdin both stole to survive. The difference? Ezra stole meiloorun and Aladdin stole bread.

Ezra 2.png2.They are orphans.

Ezra’s parents were taken away from him at the age of 7, and assumed dead (until later on when he finds out they really were alive and imprisoned in an imperial camp). They do pass away later though and he never gets the chance to reunite with them. Aladdin’s parents are not ever seen in the movie, but Aladdin does mention his mother’s death in a scene with Jasmine.
3.They live in an abandoned tower.Untitled design.png


Ezra lived in an abandoned comm tower in the fields of Lothal and Aladdin lived in abandoned tower in the middle of Agrabah.

4.They have the same hair.


No explanation needed. It is the same.

5.They both leave behind their lives of crime.

Untitled design copy.png

Ezra leaves behind his life as a thief to join Kaanan Jarrus and his rebel crew to be trained in the ways of the force and become a Jedi . He later his saves his homeward from the clutches of the evil Empire. Aladdin gets a lamp and he marries Princess Jasmine and saves Agrabah from the evil clutches of Jafar.

Those are five similarities between the two characters! If those were not enough, here is a parody we created with the help of Taylor Gray, voice of Ezra Bridger to the Aladdin song “One Jump Ahead”! You can watch it here:

One thought on “5 REASONS that Ezra Bridger and Aladdin are similar!

  1. Ahaha! That’s adorable! Ezra Bridger’s comparison to Aladdin is all over the internet. Everyone knows him as that street-thief. And watching Taylor Gray recite the lyrics to the song is amazing. I adore Ezra’s snarky attitude and wonder if Sabine Wren will be the “princess” to his “prince” in the future…

    He’s a fine voice actor, brings a fresh energy to the role. I hope we get to see more of Ezra in future Star Wars stories. Thank you for sharing.


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